There’s always a story…well at least for our house, Revival House! God made us a family first. God loves families. In September of 1998, the first service was held in a little clubhouse in Spring, TX with less than 8 people, but the Pastor’s wife did not attend. Pastors Bruce and Tavier had tirelessly worked toward the church starting and were excited about it’s beginning, but the enemy wasn’t. Just 3 days before the anticipated 1st service, their then, 2 1/2 year old son, Cody was diagnosed with Leukemia which caused his eyesight loss and other health impairments. The Pastors were graced by God to both Pastor the body of Revival House and to take care of their son simultaneously. The church body prayed and loved on the Pastors. God got the victory! Cody is a thriving young adult in spite of that battle. He has some scars but is now ministering the Gospel of Jesus and serves as a missionary to Guatemala. Miracles Happen Here!

This church grew out of a men’s ministry. Powerful anointings and transforming work began to happen in the lives of many men that caused their wives to also hunger for the Lord’s power to be made manifest in their own lives. Thus Family Miracle Night was born! It’s an evening of Explosions of Almightiness. Worship. Powerful Word. God’s Mighty Prophetic Word. These all happen the last Friday night of each month, January through August, in a Marvelous Awesome Display of God’s Love towards us! There are so many testimonies of healing and miracles from Family Miracle Night! You will have to come to live out your own story! Lives are changed and transformed here!